Dosti –A Social Engineering Program

A program that empowers & uplifts lesser privileged children while helping them feel Beautiful, Important and cared for. A platform created to build / revive the social engineer in all – a stepping stone especially to all the young and enthusiastic, to share their privileged lives and also to grow in areas of life that are unseen and untouched.

We live in a world that is competitive and full of challenges where the privileged only associate with the privileged and the lesser privileged are forgotten and often left on the fences of what we call society, this generates borderlines in the growth and mentality of those that have been on the fences for too long and restricts them from a successful and happy family lifestyle.

Bringing these children in an environment that helps them see beyond what they would choose to be is what we would love to share with them most importantly, giving them hope for a brighter future is the duty of all that are privileged, sharing measurable gifts is not all that they need but sharing values that are developed in an environment of love and wellbeing is what will help them grow to be who they really are – A steward of righteousness, one that carries love, joy and peace every he/she goes.

On the 7 th of Aug 2016 an outreach was carried out with love to share with the Children of Our Ladys Home, a home for the lesser privileged children (ones that grow through cold and rough situations). Dosti – A social Engineering Program, helped bring these children growing in two different environments under one roof to be involved in different activities.


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