About Us

The Friendship Club (TFC) is a registered public charitable trust that provides social service to the lesser fortunate and needy people irrespective of their religion, caste or creed.

It is an  an ever growing group of people from all walks of life brought together by their fervent desire to share the love of God and serve mankind.based on the the words of Jesus Christ You are my Friends if you do what I command you.

In today’s world which has become increasingly materialistic, where greed and selfishness has condemned multitudes to destitution, squalor and misery TFC offers unconditional friendship in a less friendly world.

TFC endeavours to restore dignity, security, identity and overall physical restoration to those who have been deprived of dignity and value and also denied hope by frequently visiting orphanages, terminally ill patients, old age homes to alleviate the loneliness of the senior citizens and through supporting institution that provide specific remedial needs and requirements.


TFC was conceived in 2008 when Vitrus D’Souza, whose life changing experience with God and his own life challenges of  being orphaned at a very early age of 7 impacted him greatly and moved him to reach out and make a difference in the lives of the people especially the lesser fortunate.

No matter our achievements or status in life, what really matters is our relationship with God and people around us.

Core Values

Giving priority to people and their God-given talents over money, structures and systems, considering all people as created and loved by God because they are made in His image and likeness. Remaining faithful to the purpose for which resources have been given to us and to steward them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the society’s needy.


TFC, as an expression of its core values, pursues the highest standards of accountability and transparency with regard to the management of its financial and non-financial resources. Honesty, integrity and excellence is the culture that defines and shapes TFC as evidenced by the conduct of the committed group of leaders from various disciplines who govern it. TFC’s commitment to accountability is reflected in rigorous internal and external audits. Total transparency in transactions with the government and our supporters is the basic norm in TFC.

About our Founder


Vitrus D’Souza a social entrepreneur with a unique vision founded the TFC from humble beginnings. Despite initial hardships of being born with rickets, he lost his father at the tender age of 7 and was sent to the orphanage. These misfortunes however did not deter him in anyway. He nonetheless triumphed against incredible odds to successfully complete his graduation in psychology and history. Sports and music were among the extra curricula activities he excelled while in school and college. Joined the aviation industry after his studies and served in various departments with different airlines.

He ventured into business in 1999 providing back and front office services to FEDEX at Mumbai airport. He subsequently got into the Insurance Business, Event Management and the Real Estate Business. Besides he is also is a professional whistler for jingles, serials, and music albums in Bollywood.

Jean D’Souza,who holds  a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Mumbai worked in the aviation industry for 9 years in various departments like customer services, cargo, ramp operations etc. Joined her husband Vitrus in the business since 2002 and looks after the administration, planning and strategy of TFC. She is an excellent home maker and a wonderful and caring mother of two sons Aaron and Nathan aged 5 and 11.

Vitrus and Jean are a forward looking entrepreneurial couple who add great value to the city’s less fortunate lot.